I run away
Depression catches up
It chokes me until I can barely breathe
He lets me breathe enough to slowly suffer
It laughs with joy
As pain fills my chest
I pray for it to just leave me be
But it will never work
I’ve tried and tried to get back up
But depression holds me hostage
It holds me against my will
It holds my last breath in his hands
It’ll never let go
It just lets me walk a few steps away
Lets me think the nightmare is all over
Laughs again knowing it’ll never end
And depression is just right around the corner.


One thought on “Depression

  1. You may not believe me, but it WILL get better! Try not to fight it. I know that sounds counter intuitive. But try to just let it be. Ride it like a wave. They come in and they go out. Letting it be will make it leave quicker. I know, I’ve tried it! Good luck!


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