My options

Today was actually a very neutral day for once. It wasn’t bad and it wasn’t good. But it this rare days, that I get a clear view of my life and where it’s headed.

And after thinking about the past couple of months. And just reflecting on how last year went . I came to see where my future is going. And I really only see three options. And only two are really reachable.

My first option is checking myself into a hospital and just hoping someone can find some miracle cure for me.

My second option is just to keep on living like I am now. And just staying stuck in this rut.

My third option is death. Taking my life before I get worse and I know there will never be no true cure. And that this would be painless for me and for other people.

This is my three and I might have to chose soon. Before this turns into a bad or good night. But no one what I chose, it was my choice.


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