I’m getting so tired of people regreding mental illness as something to make fun of and/or to off handed to tell someone that they must hve OCD/something because something they did.  

Depression is not fun and it’s not something I or anyone who has it wants. It is a horrible diease to have and it hard to live with. 

Anxiety is not a cool thing to have. And I’m not talking about the morning of the test jitters everyone has. I’m talking about the random panic attacks that come out of nowhere. It not fun to have. It hard to control that anxiety. 

Having OCD is not something you just do off handed one day. It is something that you have do everyday. It is a way of thinking. It is a set way of life that is hard to break. 

PTSD is not just a military thing. It can happen to anyone that had seen/went thru a very traumatic thing. Mine started when I watched my boyfriend at the time blow out his brains. Even tho a lot of people associate that term with just the military. 

I really just want everyone to try to understand the thinking of someone who has a mental illness. And try to see the people as people and not as someone who has a diease and they should not be treated as a human because of it. I want people to understand the sickness and understand the human beings who have them.


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