Top 5 things to not say to someone who is depressed 

1. Just get over it

  The reason you shouldn’t say that is because it way more then just choosing to be sad. It is an imbalance in our brains. If we could stop it, we would. 

2. You are being ungrateful 

  The reason why this should neve be said is because we understand we have good things in our lives, we just don’t see them right away. And it also makes us feel worse.

3. You just need to pray more or have more faith in God

  The reason is that we are praying and we are looking for the answers just like everyone else. We just have to seek out stuff on our own sometimes. 

4. In just all in your head.

 The reason is tat we know this already . We know it’s in our brains and we know that is a chemical thing but hearing someone else say in a mean way hurts because we want it to stop.

5. Your are just being lazy.

 The reason you shouldn’t say this because we are not being lazy. Depression effects everything including our energy levels and how and what we focus on that day. We are not being lazy. 


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