Hard Choices

As I remember things that happened in the past. I’m started to realize how much I forgot and why I did it. I’m just so scared of what I might learn. 

And I’m also on the crossroad of whether or not I want to transition into being a female. Or if I want to stay male. It is not a easy choice. One way I’ll have to deal with society and how they view transgender. And the other I have to deal with never feeling comfortable about who I am.  It a very hard choice to make. 

And I know all of my friends will support thru whatever choice I make. They know I will be the same person, just look different.  Just don’t know if I’m really ready to make this choice yet. And I wanna know if I could live with myself with whatever choice I make. 

I got to take to my friend and family and get their options on it.   


One thought on “Hard Choices

  1. I can only tell you about my experience. I am male, but all my life (from early childhood) felt I was really female. Much of the time I was content with being male but intermittently I would be deeply disturbed by it. Cross-dressing made me feel better and I sort of took refuge in the idea of my “female side.” I was also profoundly depressed and I had difficulty working through my childhood trauma. Eventually I transitioned to living as a “woman.” Things seemed great for a while. Estrogen brought a sense of complacency. After some years (out of concern for my health) I stopped taking estrogen. Suddenly, I knew I was male. I no longer had gender dysphoria. I realized that transitioning was only a temporary solution — I still needed to work through my deeper issues. Meanwhile, I had really messed up my body, grown large breasts, had an orchiectomy etc. I am living as a man again, and over the past couple of years have worked hard on my inner stuff. Life is challenging but very good.

    The moral of this story: For most guys, transgender feelings are a strong sign that deeper issues need to be resolved.Estrogen makes you feel a little better but you still have all the same issues. Don’t go for the “quick fix.”

    Take care.


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