What do when you feel like the world is coming down around? When you are to use to the pain that you can not cry anymore? When the numbness is to much? When the people around you mean nothing to you? When life seems to be moving on ,what do you do?  Where do you hide from the voices in your head? And the heavy feelings in your heart?

Where do you do to quiet the chaos? Sit in the rain? Or the shower?  Do you scream into your pillow until your voice is raw?  Do you cry yourself to sleep at night?

Do you wish someone would notice you? Notice the pain? And hug you tight and tell you everything will be ok? Can you feel love with the pain you are in? Can you feel anything?

Does your depression feel like a noose around your neck that is slowly killing you when you fight for life? Do you wish you had a place to hide from the world?


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