I understand why people don’t trust my decision making skills. Because I have made some really shitty choices in the past. But at what point do you let me make my own choices and be in my own 2 feet?

At some point you need to see that to grow as a person, I need to learn this on my own. I know they do it out of love and caring. But it just like come on let me do it now.  Let me show you, that you can trust my choices. That I can live my own life. That is time to let me roll with my choices. All of them. The good and the bad. I need to learn how to live with the pain from the bad and how to accept the happiness out of making the right choice.

Its time for me to me learn to manage the craziness. And I’m not saying this to hurt the people that have been there thru the worse with me. I love them very much.

But I need to learn. I need to find my own happiness and it may not be their way. Or their path they want me to be on. I can’t fit inside their boxes, I can only fit in to the one I made for myself.

I love you guys and thank you for everything.


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