My life list

This is my life list. I made when I was in treatment and it reminds of all the things I want to do in my life and what I want to do.

  • Write a book
  • Go skydiving
  • Get married
  • Go extreme rock climbing
  • Learn to surf
  • Experience weightlessness
  • Attend a Jewish wedding
  • Adopt a child
  • Complete a 40 day fast
  • Hike in the Grand Canyon
  • Read 52 books in 1 year
  • Go zorbing
  • Chase a tornado
  • Go whale watching
  • Attend a Murder Mystery Dinner
  • Attend a jazz festival
  • Relax in a Sensory Deprivation Tank
  • Cook a every dish in a cookbook
  • Walk on slits
  • Learn to Say “Hello” in 100 Languages
  • Ride a unicycle
  • Cook an entire Thanksgiving dinner
  • Complete a 5k
  • Complete a marathon
  • Complete Open Water Dive Certification
  • Finish a half Ironman Competition
  • Change at least one person’s mind about gay rights
  • Completely “Unplug” for a week
  • Conquer my fear of heights
  • Do a Buddha meditation
  • Go white water rafting
  • See an active volcano
  • Attend a Japanese tea ceremony
  • Learn to waltz
  • Visit Germany
  • Visit Romania
  • Learn origami
  • Learn astrology
  • Get a masters degree
  • Climb 5 mountains
  • Ice skate at Central Park
  • Go scuba diving
  • Do the Color Run
  • Do the Tough Mudder
  • Get into shape
  • Plant a tree
  • Learn a different language fluently

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