Never been

I have never been as lonely as I feel now. I truly have no one now.  I oddly feel ok about that. I mean not with what happened. But it had to be done. And I am sorry everyone. Mostly to all the people who did care at some point. My life had no meaning. It was always alcohol, drugs and sex. But now it does. I have a chance at real normal life.

I feel like maybe there is a chance for me. Maybe. I still don’t know how to be truly happy but I will try.

Just this damn loneliest will probably drive me more crazy then anything.

So sorry.


14 thoughts on “Never been

      1. Alex says:

        Why would you do that? That’s soooo fucked up. I cried for days. Sang a song for you and posted it on Facebook. I poured my fucking heart out when someone told me you killed yourself. This just is beyond fucked up


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