Just random thoughts.

I feel like my life is spiraling. Never stopping. Never ending, constant spinning. I am in a never ending loop. I know I did wrong. But I love him and when you love someone, you just don’t give up on them. You work it out. I am trying to fix myself and all the mistakes.

I am trying to be a better friend. I am trying not to worry about things. I am trying to ok. And just breathe, to live, to be happy. To feel real emotions. Feel real things.

The last thing. The last thing I wanted was a fight. The last thing I wanted to was to lose you again. Its never ending. But you have to understand why I felt upset. Why I felt hurt.

You will always be my friend in my heart. I I know you don’t care or at least pretend not to. Well I love you. As a friend forever. I hope you find your peace.


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