Fixing life

I have no idea what to write about. After I got out, I just been trying to fix everything. I am trying to make my lifr stable. And if that plan is working, I am not sure. 

I go to therapy now. And I am now ln lithium to stabilize my moods. They say I have borderline personality disorder or BPD and post traumatic stress disorder or PTSD. 

Its hard to grasp that I guess I am way more messed up then I thought. I have been trying to make better decisions. 

I haven’t drunk any alcohol since I got out. And there has been no drugs. I still smoke my cigarettes tho. It is my last bad habit I guess. 

I have tried to weed out all of my bad influences and that hasn’t been easy. Nothing about this is easy tho. Trying to put back together a broken life.  Especially when there are people who will hold your past against you. 

I still am sorry about my behavior. And I don’t know anymore. Now without those clutches of drugs and alcohol. I feel more alone. 

But that’s all I have right now. 


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