Fuck you! Just fuck you. I fucking let you back into my fucking life just you can fucking leave again. And then don’t fucking talk to me for a week then fucking leave a comment saying you will always fucking love me. Yeah fuck you! I do fucking love you. And that never change but you fucking doing that fucking hurts. You just drive the fucking knife in deeper of how much of a fucking fuck up I am. I fucking did try. I never fucking meant to fucking hurt you. I never fucking meant for the things I did to be fucking taken that way. So I am fucking sorry. Ok I will always be fucking sorry. For ruining our friendship. For killing her. For fucking up everything. I know I am a fucking loser and just fucking break everything I fucking touch. I fucking don’t know what else to do. I am just a fuck up and that is all I will fucking be. I can’t fucking fix fucking anything. 


13 thoughts on “Untitled

  1. Alex says:

    Sorry. I’m on a lot of new meds and it slowed my racing thoughts way down and I’ve been thinking about you a lot but not in a bad way. Idk


  2. Alex says:

    I know it’s too little, too late but I truly wish we could have worked something out. But we love each other too much. Friendship doesn’t seem possible and a relationship is too stressful long distance 😦


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