Having a goodish day.

I took a nap today which is kind of weird for me to do. I try not to take naps during the day just because I have a hard time sleeping at night sometimes. Well ok all the time.  I had the worst nightmare I could ever have. And I’m not sure what triggered it. But I had a dream were my ex/ working on friendship friend shot himself. It was the worse possible thing I haved dreamed in a while. 

But on the other side, I did have a good day. My new found best girl friend. Not dating, just really good friends dragged me to church with her. And I actually loved it. The people that were there; were just the sweetest and open mimded people I have ever met. So I will go again with her next week. And also finding her as a friend was a blessing. 

I also got my first real job I guess. Its nothing exciting. But its a way to make money and hopefully get out of where I am living. But I am living in a better place other then my kind of still my abusive boyfriends place into a place where I am just renting a room but it is nice here.

And he is only kind of still my boyfriend because he is over seas and I haven’t had time to break up with him yet. But I will.

Oh and I get to met my friend/ex next week on Tuesday! I’m excited but super nervous. I hope he does like me in person.